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Intimacy Coordinators Alliance is a Los Angeles based organization of Intimacy Coordinators that exclusively serves the Film and Television industry. Our certified members are industry veterans with the experience, training, and passion for protecting artists on set that is essential to do this sensitive work. We are vetted experienced screen actors and directors that come from a long background in film and television.

Our founders have interviewed dozens of working actors and showrunners, and have performed hundreds of simulated scenes depicting intimacy in film and television. We have developed our own protocol for intimacy coordination based on our decades of experience and the needs and concerns expressed by members of the industry as well as SAG-AFTRA regulations and the most recent Producers Collective Bargaining Agreement. We are trained in California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance, and Bystander Intervention and our objective is to bring a new way of safely performing scenes of intimacy on screen into a widely used standard practice. Not only for the actors but also for the best way to tell stories, make the day, and protect the production against liability.

We are currently consulting studios and production companies on our protocol and performing film and television coordination work, speaking engagements, and workshops. We are also training new members that meet our requirements.


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