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The Intimacy Coordinators Alliance is an organization of Intimacy Coordinators that exclusively serves the Film and Television industry. Our certified members are vetted industry veterans with the experience, training, and passion for protecting artists on set that is essential to do this sensitive work. Our coordinators are experienced screen actors and directors that come from a long background in film that forms a backbone of experience that cannot be taught. We have performed hundreds of simulated scenes depicting intimacy in film and television and are committed to following the protocol established by the founders. Our objective is to bring a new way of safely performing scenes of intimacy on screen into a widely used standard practice. Not just advocating for actors, but also for the best way to tell stories and protect the production against liability.

We are currently consulting studios and production companies on our protocol and performing film and television coordination work, speaking engagements and workshops. We are also training new members that meet our requirements.

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What Does An Intimacy Coordinator Do?

That depends on the needs of each project. There are many services an intimacy coordinator can provide including but not limited to:


Why Hire An Intimacy Coordinator?


Are you a trained working Intimacy Coordinator? You can now join ICAFT. Be a part of our database for hiring referral purposes. Email us for details.


Are you interested in training to become an Intimacy Coordinator? 


Over 60 years of combined experience

Regina Banali

Regina Banali

Intimacy Coordinator, Founder, President, CEO and board member ICAFT Based in Los Angeles CA

Monique Parent

Monique Parent

Intimacy Coordinator, Founder and Board Member ICFTA Based in Los Angeles CA

Nancy O'brien

Nancy O’brien

Intimacy Coordinator, Founder and Board Member ICFTA Based in Los Angeles CA

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