What is Intimacy Coordination?

If a scene tells a story involving nudity or depictions of intimacy, an intimacy coordinator is there to work with the director and actors to choreograph the movements and emotions fitting the scene characters and tone of the show. The showrunner’s, writer’s, director’s and actor’s creative vision can be realized by providing tools and techniques to perform the action of the scenes in a safe and respectful environment. Having an Intimacy Coordinator on set and collaborating in pre-production is vital to facilitate the ideal execution of visual and emotional storytelling and prevents sexual harassment. Our Intimacy Coordinators are trained in California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance, Bystander Intervention, Sensitivity, and Mental Health First Aid as well as SAG-AFTRA regulations and the most recent Producers Collective Bargaining Agreement.. Having one of us on set can make all the difference in setting the tone on the set and preventing sexual harassment and lawsuits.

Intimacy Coordinators Alliance

What Does An Intimacy Coordinator Do?

That depends on the needs of each project at the stage at which we come onboard. We recommend hiring an intimacy coordinator during casting but an intimacy coordinator can be hired at any stage.  There are many services an intimacy coordinator can provide including but not limited to:

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