In Intimacy Coordination

We are currently developing the curriculum for 2020 workshops for training Intimacy Coordinators to add to our roster. Successful Intimacy Coordinators come to this calling from different backgrounds and experiences. It would be helpful but not required to meet some or all of the following criteria.

SAG-AFTRA membership or eligibility

Acting experience (or scene study training), especially in film or television in which you performed nude and or simulated intimacy.

A background in film/tv stunts and/or an understand of camera blocking.

It would also be helpful to do some self guided research and studies before training. Here is a list of subjects to get training and certification in prior to training:

You can get certified in these:

Bystander Intervention

Conflict Resolution

California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance

You can study and research these topics:



Furthur reading:

Time’s Up’s Guide to “Your rights in nude and intimate scenes”. 

#Metoo Masculinity Male Privilege Consent Discussion Guide

The Nuances of Consent and How Some Men Are Trained to Ignore Them

If you don’t have on-set experience, here is some suggested reading…

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