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| Regina Banali

Intimacy Coordinator, Founder, President, CEO and Board member ICAFT.

Regina Banali has over 25 years of on set experience as an actress, producer, and director. She has appeared in nude and simulated love scenes in over 40 films and television shows.

Mrs. Banali studied acting, cold reading and scene study for over fifteen years with Joan Darling, Darryl Hickman, Roy London, Jeff Corey, Howard Fine, Kimberly Jentzen, Brain Reise and more. She stepped behind the camera in 2008, producing and directing short films, webisodes, music videos, trailers, PSAs, second unit, and a feature film she licensed to Showtime Networks and self distributed world wide.

She is trained in:
SAG-AFTRA regulations and the most recent Producers Collective Bargaining Agreement, California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance, Bystander Intervention, Sensitivity, Mental Health First Aid.

A member of SAG-AFTRA, ATAS, NATAS, The Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, Glass Elevator, Women in Media, Film Independent and Film Fatales.

Regina Benali
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